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Cruising With Azamara Club Cruises

Azamara Cruises is one of the owners’ favourite cruise line.
Why you ask ?
An offshoot of Royal Caribbean Cruises Azamara Club Cruises currently only has two ships, Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest. Ships are around 30,000 tons which is considered mid-size and carry about 730 passengers.

Azamara Cruise
Azamara Cruise

Both are almost identical in design , offering an European ambiance on board. One thing I hate is the queuing to leave or board at ports of call,  but with Azamara Club this never seems to occur as time in port is much longer (surprising really as this must reduce their casino takings!)

How is Azamara cruises different?

There are five things, really: longer stays in port,  quality of food, longer days in port,  ambiance,  and itineraries that include smaller ports that other cruise ships have to pass by.

Wines with lunch and evening meals are included and the spectacular Azamazing evening where you are treated ashore to a once in a lifetime experience, these can be classical concerts with meals in the most amazing venues, like ancient Greek amphitheaters, converted water storage taverns (sounds awful but truly wonderful).

By the way, all the other touches of luxury cruising are in place on Azamara Club Cruises. There are two specialty restaurants, which cost an extra $25 to dine in but are the epitomy of gastronomy at sea, also free wine selections with lunch and dinner. Tips are included which takes the last evening headache away. The spa is gorgeous and the fitness centre’s equipment is ideal.


The staff have been well trained to meet guests with friendly “good mornings” and “good evenings” wherever you meet them on the ship, a sign of careful training that staff are instructed to greet passengers. The cruise line is not suited for children
Cruises tend to be 5 – 10 days which is quite short for the UK market, so Blue Skies Cruise offers additional land days pre and post cruise at hotels we recommend and with airports nearer to your home. Asian and Caribbean cruise itineraries can be longer.
A county casual dress code completes the wonderful experience and we would thoroughly recommend Azamara cruises to those who prefer smaller ships, with great service, wonderful food and no rushing or queuing when disembarking or boarding the ship at ports of call.

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